Future Focused Activities
Our Main Activities
We seek to ensure that people of all ages in Africa, especially those with fewer resources can access the opportunities they need in life to succeed.

We organise the biggest technology conferences for secondary school students and out of school teens.

Virtually Safe

We are committed to educating users of technology especially young people about online safety.

Code Mobile

We repurpose buses and containers into mobile technology labs to reach people in remote communities.

Impact Inventing

We’re focused on maximum social impact. Helping our students identify and create solutions that address social problem.

Want to Volunteer at Teens Can Code?
At Teens Can Code, we are taking on the big challenges. We welcome you to join us in this effort by becoming a part of our volunteer family.
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From Consumers to Technology Creators
In the old model of education, the job of schools was to teach students everything they needed to know for life and work. In a rapidly changing world, this is no longer sufficient. Today, students must acquire knowledge, competencies and mindsets that prepare them to be productive members of a modern workforce in a global economy powered technology.
Our Vision
Our vision is that everyone at every stage of their lives have access to learning experiences that help them acquire the knowledge and skills they need to thrive and continuously learn in an ever-changing world.
Our mission is to provide access to technology opportunities for young people in Africa,through problem solving and coding.
Who We Are
Our Core Values
Our values serves as a compass for our work at Teens Can Code and how we
implement them to achieve our organisational goal.
We maintain effective communication with all stakeholders.
We support and encourage growth and development from every angle.
What we do, we do it well, We set and achieve aggressive goals.
Passion and Play
We enjoy what we do and we do it in a fun and exciting environment.
Frequently Asked Questions
Teaching, Inspiring and Empowering!
Today, students must acquire knowledge, competence, and mindset that prepares them to be productive members of a modern workforce in a global economy powered by technology.

We believe it’s both better and easier to learn tech skills early, and that no young person should be denied the opportunity to do so. We are committed to making sure that young people regardless of their economic status, where they live and gender can build confidence in their skill set and empowered to participate in the future of technology.

Firstly, we believe that technology is more than coding. There are an infinite number of technology fields and careers that don’t require coding. Our programs are not all about coding, our organisation’s goal is to help young people access “technology” opportunities. There’s a lot more about us than just teaching you how to code, we organise conferences, hackathons, online shows, online safety programs and many more.

As a social enterprise we are supported by grants and donations from organizations and individuals that align with our mission, we are also supported by an amazing community of volunteers who teach and help expand our reach into communities we may never be able to reach otherwise. We also work with many cutting edge technology companies and education focused organisations with similar goals and values to make our program possible through partnerships or by implementing their projects across Africa.

Are you a tech enthusiast, do you love to teach, are you ready to train the next generation of programmers? If you’re looking for a way to make a difference using your coding skills and experience, apply to be a volunteer! This is a unique opportunity to draw on your expertise and give back to the community. Visit our volunteer page for more details about volunteering with us.

Thanks to our network of volunteers and facilitators, Teens Can Code has programs in over 60 schools across 6 states in Nigeria. You may ask your school to email: info@teenscancode.com.ng if you don’t have a centre in your school. We are open to working with schools and volunteers who want to start a coding program in their community.
Our Team
Our work is made possible by the commitment and contribution of individuals
who give their time and relentless efforts to help achieve our goals.

Oluwaseun Raphael

Programs Lead

Jane Ugwumba

Products Manager

Kenny Totoola

Technical Lead


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We Value And Encourage Your Support
Hear what some of our beneficiaries have to say about us, also check our
testimonial page to see more of our outcomes.

Udomuzienwa Favour

I am 14years old, an SS1 student of Christian International School, Owerri, Imo State, I participated in the CS First program by Teens Can Code in my school and it has really helped in my analytical and problem solving skills, I would really love for coding to be added to our school's curriculum so i can continue coding, I would love to be a programmer in the future.

Abayomi Greatness

I want to thank Teens Can Code for bringing the "Do Your :Bit" Challenge to my school, I didn't know about the 17 UN SDGs until Teens Can Code came to my school and also thought us how to identify problems and also solve the problems by writing my code on the Make Code Editor and using the Micro :bit device. It was fun and I am happy to solve problems.

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